Sheaff Brock

Sheaff Brock is a fee-only registered investment advisor that is nationally recognized as one of the best in the United States. The company’s objective is to help its clients achieve financial success over the long-term. The advisors go beyond just providing investment advice. They take time to learn about their clients’ whole financial picture. They get an understanding of what each client wants in terms of life goals for himself and for his family. They evaluate where the client is at in attaining those goals and help the client plan out each step that will take him closer to achieving those goals. Every client receives personal attention every step of the way.

One of the key services offered by Sheaff Brock is financial planning. Financial planning is a critical component in any wealth-building strategy. A financial plan is much like a roadmap that takes you to where you want to go in your financial life. It includes your short-term and long-term goals. It is a guidebook on how you should spend and save in the most efficient manner.

When you have a financial plan, you take into account all of the situations that will require you to spend money, and you make contingency plans on how you will pay for these expenses. Short-term expenses might include your daily expenses like food, clothing, recreation, and other immediate needs. Long-term expenses might include your housing, your children’s college tuition, long-term medical expenses, etc. If you do not have a sound financial plan in place, you risk spending down your money too quickly on the wrong things at the wrong time. You risk falling short of your financial goals.

Sheaff Brock will help you develop a solid financial plan that will meet your financial demands and build up for your future. They will monitor how you are doing and make sure that you stay on track. As you go down this path, there will be bumps along the road that might present an unexpected financial challenge. Sheaff Brock will help you make any adjustments to your plan so that you remain on track in achieving your financial goal.

It is important to realize that Sheaff Brock is a fee-only financial advisor. Financial advisors fall into three general categories: commission-based, fee-based, and fee-only. Commission-based advisors have an incentive to direct you to certain investments from which they can earn a commission. These advisors often do not have your best interest in mind because their commission presents a conflict of interest. Fee-based advisors can charge a fee or a commission, based on what financial product is sold to you. They do not have to tell you how they receive compensation. When they direct you to invest your money in a certain way, you will not be sure if they are looking out for your interest or if they are earning a commission from the sale.

As a fee-only advisor, Sheaff Brock has a fiduciary responsibility to act only in your best interest. Their compensation does not depend on where you invest your money. They adhere to the highest codes of conduct when it comes to offering you their best financial advice that will take you to your financial goals. There is no conflict of interest. You can rely on their genuine desire to help you grow your wealth and to protect your investments.

They offer investment advice based on what you want. The investment approach can be passive or active. In passive investing, you invest based on a market index. The goal is to match your returns to that of the index and to minimize surprises along the way. Management fees tend to be on the low side because there is not a lot of turnover in your holdings.

The active approach tries to outperform the market by timing and taking advantage of market irregularities. Your holdings are actively purchased and sold based on the current market situation. This presents more risks, but it also opens up opportunities for higher returns.

The advisors at Sheaff Brock use both approaches in maximizing your returns. In doing so, they are able to maintain a level of return for you while maximizing market opportunities. They give you the best of both worlds.

When you have a reputable financial advisor like Sheaff Brock managing your assets, you can rest assured that your money is in good hands. They will help you gain control of your financial situation and will help you attain your goal.